The tattoo, as a work of creation, takes shape through the individuals that offer their body as raw material. To various degrees, their anatomy interfere in the process and influence the finished tattoo work.
Not only does the tattoo insert itself in the fabric of the real world and confronts the public to its plastic reality, it also abolishes—for the bearer—the intermediate space between body and object, reshaping the act of interpretation by positioning that object as a part of oneself, not merely as an external artefact.
My work tends toward producing stylised but more often abstract works suited to the architecture of the human body. From a figurative approach to geometrical abstractions, my work reveals a strong interest for lines, shapes, and composition. The exclusive use of black ink enables me to thoroughly examine the problematics related to drawing, namely lines, textures, solids, negative spaces and so forth. By doing so, the outcome will always be an ideal expression of the relation between form and content.
Beyond the aesthetical experience it creates, the tattoo object presents a fascinating paradox: it is a medium of a permanent nature applied in an ephemeral context. The human body renders it unalterable for the bearer, but temporary for the outsider who survives it. Indeed, the perennial aspect of tattooing raises a delicate question: what should we do? Is conservation something worth considering or should we let it vanish?

“That the act of tattooing could have survived modernity and the industrial age still amazes me, and only strengthens my will to explore, in the realm of Art, the various roles it plays in the human narrative.”


Disposable needles and tubes.
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*The 30 min consultation is also the opportunity to discuss conceptualization fees, generally varying between 100$ et 300$ + tx. depending on the amount of work/size of the project.